Our Why

An underrepresented number of students in Douglas County take the SAT test that is administered by the schools each year. The low rate of all students is even more pronounced by the students who are on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The low number of all students taking the SAT test, and the absence of diversity among the students risk the community, as a whole, from reaching its full potential as a thriving and prospering county.

To help alleviate this situation, Up By The Bootstraps has formulated a plan to combat some of the issues that cause this situation our youth are faced with:

  • Fear of failing the test
  • Lack of understanding of why it is important
  • Not knowing how it applies to future endeavors
  • Not having mentors to talk to about what taking the SAT means
  • Not understanding how to actually take it and do well
  • How to get over the feeling of flying blind without a safety net
  • Affordability of Prep Classes

Giving our youth the information they need to take the fear and the cost our of the equation, will make for win, win for them and the greater community.  Our mentoring program enhances the SAT Prep Test process by encouraging our youth to look beyond their present situation and hone the skills needed to be successful in the future.