About Us

“Three different incidents within a short period of time helped to formulate my opinion that there was a need to form this non-profit organization.  After attending a symposium and hearing how hard it was to get even well deserving students to apply for scholarships and then listening to a young teacher and father of four who had difficulty getting students to take the SAT Prep Classes he was teaching and then listening to an author talk about her journey to getting a PhD, it became clear that it was all commonly connected by a certain lack of access to knowledge of what was available and the importance of that availability to student’s future endeavors.

I was interested in helping to make these efforts successful and less of a struggle.  So I did some research and determined that each was trying to fill a great need in our community and the greater society and Up By The Bootstraps was born to help with those endeavors.

We offer affordable SAT Prep classes where cost is a barrier.  These classes are taught by that young father of four.  We offer mentoring classes on getting started in college and setting sights on going the distance from either a two year or four year degree all the way to doctorate.  We plan to establish a pipeline of deserving students for scholarships that we will gladly share with scholarship organizations, private entities and corporations.

Our goal is to build partnerships, relationships and a community of villagers so that no student has to try to pull themselves up by their bootstraps alone.”   ~Gwyndolyn D. Parker, Founder/CEO